Currently opened workshops:
How to present that everyone listens to the very end?
(making presentations)
February 2020 - Prague booked-out
Boss, I'm done with it tomorrow!
(understanding estimates)
March 2020 - Prague
You finished the project late! Do not let that happen again!
(giving and receiving feedback)
April 2020 - Prague
How to ask your boss for an extra million and survive?
(managing expectations)
May 2020 - Prague
Advanced Skills for Leadership
(Do you know what differentiates the top 10% from the rest?)
June 2020 - Prague
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This year, the workshops main focus is on the following topics:
- influencing without formal power
- managing expectations
- providing and receiving feedback
- dealing with risks
- selling a change
- saying “no” the right way
- negotiating price
- surviving work overload
- delegating effectively
- understanding estimates


Petr Sloup

Thinks that building up knowledge (learning hard skills) is essential, however, improving personality (soft) skills is of no lesser importance. What is an excellent programmer good for if they cannot work in a team? What is a knowledgeable manager good for if they cannot deal with people? What is a businessman who can identify new opportunities good for if they cannot negotiate a fair price?

Petr developed his knowledge and skills mostly in managerial posts in the corporate environment working for companies including GE Money Bank, HomeCredit, ING Bank, Datart, Skoda Auto, Novartis, MSD and others.

Actively fills his leisure time with investment on financial markets, programming for fun, loves great food, fast cars, fine vodka, his wife, kids and dog.

Jiří Šťovíček

Believes in continuous self-improvement and never-ending training of body and mind.


  • Led global IT projects with teams spread across multiple timezones and continents
  • Worked in corporate and also startup environments
  • Managed development of software used by tens of thousands of users
  • Delivered projects in both waterfall and agile ways
  • Got MBA in Management and Leadership

Enjoys sharing experience using a dialogue instead of PowerPoint. Big fan of real-life examples, storytelling and gamification.

Loves movies, hates alarm clocks and always agrees to talking over a cup of a good espresso.

Jan Diviš

Honza became a project manager by a happy coincidence. He began his career 12 years ago at DHL, then delivered global projects to other global corporations such as Ernst & Young, MSD and Novartis.

"It has never been enough for me to explain that it is as it is. I always want to understand why and how things work. You can do something well because you have been doing it for a long time and have experienced most of the possible situations. But only after you understand the principles of the thing and all the consequences can you call yourself an expert and deliver truly perfect solutions."

He likes mountain biking, outdoor activities and good rum.